Quite Apart (University of Akron Press, 2019)


“defiantly reproduces the rhetoric and syntax of consumer culture” -Publishers Weekly

“A voice that cuts through feeling and philosophy with the cool, sterilized hands of a life long heart surgeon.” -Cornelia Barber for Queen Mob’s Tea House

Gray Market (1913 Press, 2016)


“There is novelty. Surprise. Horror, too; shadings our own language seems incapable of-” -Gabriel Blackwell, Big Other

Call the Catastrophists (BlazeVox, 2011)


The Big Flawed Heart: Poems after Middlemarch (Essay Press, 2017)

Diamonds in the Flesh, collaboration with Robert Alan Wendeborn (Double Cross Press, 2015)

Archive Theft, interviews (Essay Press, 2015)

Last Song (dancing girl press, 2014)

Be a Dead Girl (Argos Books, 2014)

Fashion Blast Quarter (Flying Object, 2014)